Newbridge native talks about filming Dating Amber which is getting rave reviews

A new Irish film set in Kildare and directed by a Newbridge native is getting rave reviews after becoming available on Amazon Prime in recent days. Dating Amber is the story of Eddie and Amber, both secondary school students who are gay. They decide to fake a relationship to withstand the taunts of schoolmates. Another local interest is promising actor Evan O’Conner, who plays the scene-stealing younger brother of Eddie. Evan is currently a student in Newbridge College but has been hailed as a “great talent” by Freyne. The movie features many scenes of Kildare such as the sweeping Curragh Plains. Freyne, who grew up in The Village off the Green Road in Newbridge, said: “We were incredibly lucky to get access to both the Curragh plains and the barracks. The vastness of it was made for cinema. Freyne hopes that the movie will hit cinema screens and it’s likely people that view it on Amazon Prime TVs or laptops may want the big screen experience.

Amber & Evan

David Freyne always knew that casting was the key to success with his second feature. The delightful Dating Amber concerns two gay kids in s Ireland who engineer a bogus romantic relationship to distract the circling bullies. It was vital to get the right chemistry bubbling between his two leads. This film only works if people buy that these people love each other as best friends. Rehearsals were a way of making sure they were hanging out.

Then me and my director of photography were out scouting for a location one day and we saw the two of them on the way to a party — sipping a cup of wine.

Dating Amber is the story of Eddie and Amber, both secondary view it on Amazon Prime TVs or laptops may want the big screen experience.

In an attempt to halt speculation surrounding their sexuality, the pair join forces to stage what appears to be a young romance. However, sadly for them, things soon begins to unravel. The comedy-drama is set to debut in the UK very soon, and if your interest has been piqued, here’s everything you need to know about Dating Amber. The actor, who has also starred the four-part ITV drama Innocent , will be playing Eddie in Dating Amber and he is joined by new comer Lola Petticrew as the film’s titular character.

However, nothing has been confirmed on that front. Set in the mid ’90s, Dating Amber was part-funded by Screen Ireland, who describe the upcoming release as a “poignant, honest and funny look at the highs and lows of teenage life where the only way to fit in is to not be yourself, even if this goes against your very being. The film is also scheduled to be screened at the Cannes virtual market, and commenting on his latest project , writer and director David Freyne revealed that Dating Ambe r “is as personal a film” he will ever make.

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A mosquito dating back to the age of the dinosaurs has been found preserved in amber… just like in Jurassic Park. And it may have been carrying malaria — shedding fresh light on a disease that kills more than , people a year. The insect became entombed in the tree resin million years ago — and is a newly identified species of the anopheline family.

The mosquito inhabited tropical forests in what is now Myanmar during the Mid-Cretaceous Period — when T rex and Velociraptor roamed the earth.

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Those comments may have been more wishful thinking than anything else. One couple that particularly stuck out was Amber and Barnett. Amber and Barnett converged with their fair share of controversy mostly at the expense of the latter. Barnett seemed to be the favorite of many of the other blind lady contestants on the show. He broke the hearts of many but none more notorious then contestant Jessica Batten. Jessica despite initially rejecting Barnett and instead agreeing to marry Mark , actively pursued him after eventually meeting in person.

Consequently, Barnett’s commitment to Amber through this situation helped make the couple stronger and they were married by the end of the show. But recently fans are now speculating that Amber may be pregnant. Still waiting on our full sized light sabers to come in so we had to make do with these chopsticks. This has left fans wondering whether there is a cryptic message underlying. Amber also appears to be showing signs of a baby bump.

On the other hand, Amber could be in early stages and the couple could be in for a surprise. In any case, Amber and Barnett have been married together over a year now since the season finale. It seems like it is the right time for them to have a baby.

Fossils In Amber May Provide Link Between Ancient Arachnids And Modern Spiders

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Scientists discovered the flower in a cave in the Dominican Republic along with a treasure trove of insects preserved in amber. Amber is fossilized tree resin, and pinning an exact date on it is extremely difficult. What’s certain is that this flower bloomed long before the age of apes during the mid-Tertiary period. Struwe, who is an expert on asterids of the genus Strychnos , said she is certain this flower is a new species. It shows that the asterids, which later gave humans all types of foods and other products, were already evolving many millions of years ago.

Nature Plants , You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content. The new fossil flower Strychnos electri in its original Dominican amber piece of mid-Tertiary age. The whole flower is less than 20 mm long and is the first finding of an asterid flower in amber from the New World. George Poinar. The flower of Strychnos electri, found in fossilized amber, shows a long fused petal tube, anthers that are visible in the mouth of the flower, and a long style that protrudes far.

Strychnos electri is a newly found fossil flower in amber, and a closeup of the fossil shows the recurved petal lobes and small, tightly attached anthers with pollen in the mouth of the flower.


By Sarah Finnan. Dating Amber will debut on Amazon Prime on June 4th before hitting cinema screens later this year. Dating Amber is a new Irish movie set to premiere this summer. In a line – they’re each other’s beards Keen to follow in his dad’s footsteps and join the military, Amber dreams of bigger and brighter lights in London, however, things inevitably begin to unravel for the pair forcing them to face their inner demons head-on. Releasing a sneak peek of what’s to come online, fans have described the trailer as a cross between Sex Education and Derry Girls – two insanely popular shows and both ones we’re fans of.

You must be care full with Amber she has been hurt before and might as well have a “handle with care” sign stamped right on her. Amber may not always like to.

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The Properties of Amber

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Four fossils of the tiny crawlers were found largely intact, encased in Burmese amber that were recovered from Myanmar by researchers. The BBC reports the “cousin” of the spider — called a Chimerarachne yingi — lived about million years ago during the Cretaceous Period. But, he continued, “We’ve not found fossils before that showed this, and so finding this now was a huge but really fantastic surprise.

An abstract of the study says the “new fossil most likely represents the earliest branch of the Araneae, and implies that there was a lineage of tailed spiders that presumably originated in the Palaeozoic and survived at least into the Cretaceous of Southeast Asia. That would mean that the tailed spider lived for about million years side-by-side with spiders, Garwood said.

Experts have not ruled out the possibility that some modern day version may still exist in the rain forests of Southeast Asia but they are so small and their habitat is so remote, there is no evidence that they continue to live there, in or near tree trunks, as their ancestors did. What makes the fossils so unusual, according to the two teams the leading studies, is that they possess both a tail-like appendage similar to those of other ancient arachnids and multi-segment silk-spinning organs only seen in more modern spiders.

And, though it was capable of using its spinnerets to produce silk, it was unlikely to have woven webs.

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Fossil shows that miniature dinosaurs likely shared the earth with giants during the Mesozoic Era. Wednesday, March 11, – Inside Science — A hummingbird-sized dinosaur identified from a skull trapped in amber may be the smallest dinosaur from the Age of Reptiles unearthed yet, a new study finds. Scientists investigated a tiny, exceptionally well-preserved birdlike skull found in amber that a miner excavated from the Angbamo site in the tropical jungles of northern Myanmar’s Hukawng Valley in Radioisotope dating of zircon crystals in the amber from this site suggests it was roughly 99 million years old.

The skull is only 7. This makes this newfound species the smallest known dinosaur of the Mesozoic Era, or the Age of Reptiles, and only a smidgen larger than the bee hummingbird, the smallest living bird. Since birds are the last surviving dinosaurs, the bee hummingbird is technically the smallest known dinosaur. The scientists named the new species Oculudentavis khaungraae — Oculudentavis meaning “eye teeth bird” in Latin and khaungraae in honor of Khaung Ra, the woman who donated the specimen to the Hupoge Amber Museum in China.

Amber from Myanmar has recently yielded many extraordinary fossils, including hatchling birds , baby snakes and lice hidden in dinosaur feathers. It remains difficult to estimate how large Oculudentavis was overall, given that the researchers currently only know it from one skull.

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Amber is a loner. She sports a multicoloured riot grrrl hairdo, an offbeat dress sense, and is always always reading a zine or drawing her own. In this world of grey school uniforms where heteronormativity reigns supreme, Amber may as well have a bullseye painted on her. Her approach is as subtle as a brick to the head as she pelts a stone at Eddie knocking him off his bike before making the proposition. While her turn of phrase is amusing, it speaks to the tragedy in the characters backstory.

Ned may have been bottom of the pecking order at his school but that character had more of a handle on who he was and what he was about than Eddie.

dating back to age of dinosaurs found preserved in amber & it might And it may have been carrying malaria – shedding fresh light on a.

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David Freyne’s ‘Dating Amber’ to debut on Amazon Prime Video in June

Amber was a cranky second wait third? It definitely wasn’t love at first sight but, perhaps, curiosity at first sight. Evan became accustomed to Amber bursting into his office to rant about her daily activities to her two close friends, John and Dimitri, who shared an office with Evan.

[That’s how rumors started] Amber’s dating Scott and then Chyna’s dating Rob so then that’s why Amber follows Scott.” Rose, 32, may not be.

Nature is full of colors, from the radiant shine of a peacock’s feathers or the bright warning coloration of toxic frogs to the pearl-white camouflage of polar bears. Usually, fine structural detail necessary for the conservation of color is rarely preserved in the fossil record, making most reconstructions of the fossil based on artists’ imagination. Colors offer many clues about the behaviour and ecology of animals.

They function to keep organisms safe from predators, at the right temperature, or attractive to potential mates. Understanding the coloration of long-extinct animals can help us shed light on ecosystems in the deep geological past. The study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B on July 1, offers a new perspective on the often overlooked, but by no means dull, lives of insects that co-existed alongside dinosaurs in Cretaceous rainforests. Researchers gathered a treasure trove of 35 amber pieces with exquisitely preserved insects from an amber mine in northern Myanmar.

It is essentially resin produced by ancient coniferous trees that grew in a tropical rainforest environment. Animals and plants trapped in the thick resin got preserved, some with life-like fidelity,” said Dr.

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